Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae
Genus Tragelaphus
Species Euryceros
Height 1.1 - 1.3 metres
Weight 250-350 kgs
Lifespan Upto 19 years
Habitat Montane and lowland forests


The Bongo is one of the larger antelopes. It is bright chestnut in colour and has white yellow vertical stripes along its body. They have an erect mane along their back, a long tufted tail, a white stripe across the bridge of the nose and big ears! Males tend to be darker in colour than the females. Both sexes have horns.

They live in high dense mountain forests which can be between 2,000 9,000 feet high, are mainly nocturnal, and live in groups which range in size. They eat leaves, grasses, bushes and shoots.

Bongos are shy and very sensitive animals, and being nocturnal aswell makes them difficult to study.

Their name "Tragelaphus euryceros" means "goat deer with wide-spreading horns."

Like a giraffe, bongos have a prehensile tongue which they use to grasp leaves

Even though they can jump they prefer to go under obstacles

They rarely have the same number of stripes on each side of their body.




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