Lion Tamarin

Order Primates
Family Callitrichidae
Genus Leontopithecus
Species Rosalia
Length 17-20 cms
Weight 300-400 kgs
Lifespan 7-10 years
Habitat Tropical rainforests


Lion Tamarins inhabit the lowland forests of Brazil. They are small squirrel-like monkeys with silky coats, long tails and a golden mane.

There are three sub-species. The Golden Lion Tamarin (L.r. rosalia) has an entirely golden coat, whereas the Golden-rumped Tamarin (L.r. chrysopygus) and the Golden-headed tamarin (L.r. chrysomelas) are made up of black and gold.

They eat fruits, flowers, and nectar aswell as frogs, lizards and insects. They live in family groups of 4-15 individuals.

Unfortunately, due to habitat destruction and illegal trade, Lion Tamarins are critically endangered with less than a few hundred animals surviving in the wild.




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