Order Carnivora
Family Felidae
Genus Panthera
Species Onca
Height 65-80 cms
Weight 50-115 kgs
Lifespan 20+ years
Habitat Rainforests


Yucantan Jaguar (P.o. goldmani)
Panama Jaguar (P.o. centralis)
Peruvian Jaguar (P.o. peruviana)
Amazon Jaguar (P.o. onca)
Parana Jaguar (P.o. palustris)
Arizona Jaguar (P.o. arizonensis)

The Jaguar is the only member of the Felidae family to live in South America and it is the third largest of the big cats.

They are often mistaken for leopards because of their similar markings. However, the Jaguars coat has small dots within their rosette markings. They are also larger than the Leopard, with a broader head and a more compact body.

Jaguars are very powerful and very good climbers and swimmers. They are very adaptive to their natural habitat of dense rainforests and swamplands.

They prey on a variety of mammals including capybara, tapir, deer, monkeys, rodents and also fish.



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Jaguar in the Rain Forest (A Just for a Day Book (Trade))

Author: Joanne Ryder, Michael Rothman (Illustrator)
The reader spends a day as a jaguar, experiencing the life of this rain forest animal.
Reading level: Ages 4-8
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