Giant Panda

Order Carnivora
Family Procyonidae
Genus Ailuropoda
Species Melanoleuca
Height 70-80 cms
Weight 100-150 kgs
Lifespan Upto 20 years
Habitat Bamboo forests


Found only in China the Giant Panda is one of the world’s most rare animals with approximately 1,000 living in the wild.

Amazingly, Pandas are in the same family as Raccoons, Coatis and Red Pandas and are not part of the bear family as some people might think.

They are largely solitary animals in the wild, and will mark their territory through scent marking. They feed on bamboo shoots but will find other food such as bulbs, grasses and occasionally rodents if necessary.

The Giant Panda was not discovered until 1869.



Animals at Risk: Panda

Author: Judy Allen, Tudor Humphries (Illustrator)
Jake accompanies his botanist dad on an expedition to China. Soon Jake is walking through a bamboo forest, hoping he'll see a panda, but he doesn't. The next day he is left alone at the camp, when he receives an unexpected visitor. This book alerts readers to the dangers facing pandas.
- Children's Books

The Giant Panda (Endangered Animals & Habitats)

Author: Judith Janda Presnall
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover (January 1998)
Lucent Books; ISBN: 1560064633


The Last Panda

Author: George B. Schaller
Dependent on a shrinking supply of bamboo, hunted mercilessly for its pelt, and hostage to profiteering schemes once in captivity, the panda is on the brink of extinction. Here, acclaimed naturalist George Schaller uses his great evocative powers, and the insight gained by four and a half years in the forests of the Wolong and Tangjiahe panda reserves, to document the plight of these mysterious creatures and to awaken the human compassion urgently needed to save them.

The Panda : Wild About Bamboo (Animal Close-Ups)

Author: Valerie Tracqui
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback - 27 pages (July 1999)
Charlesbridge Publishing Inc; ISBN: 0881067377


Giant Panda Links
A very nice panda site with beautiful photographs and very useful information. Worth checking out.



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