African Civet

Order Carnivora
Family Viverridae
Genus Civettictis
Species Civetta
Length 50-120 cms
Weight 2-11 kgs
Lifespan Upto 14 years
Habitat Woodlands and open savannahs


Though they look like cats, African Civets are actually part of the Viverridae family. They are of similar size to a domestic cat, with a long body, short legs and a bushy tail. Their coats are shaggy with a mane from the neck to the end of the back, and are covered in irregular spots. They have black patches around their eyes.

Being carnivores they will eat small mammals, reptiles, aswell as fruit and berries. As they are nocturnal, their days are usually spent sleeping in burrows throughout the open savannahs and woodlands.

They produce a fluid/secretion which is used in perfume.

Though their eyesight isnít too good, they have good sense of smell and hearing

They are good swimmers


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