Thomson's Gazelle

Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae
Genus Gazella
Species Thomsoni
Height 58-70 cms
Weight 23kgs average
Lifespan Upto 10 years
Habitat Open plains and grasslands


This small/medium sized antelope was named after Joseph Thomson, a British naturalist and explorer who travelled through Africa in the 1880ís.

Thomsonís Gazelle are a very common antelope in the open plains of Africa, and the most common of the gazelles. They live in herds of large numbers, and feed on grasses, trees and bushes.

They have sandy coloured bodies with white under parts, and a distinctive black line across each side of the body, and a black stripe which runs from each eye and extends to the cheeks. Both males and females have horns.

They are known for their jumping, which is straight up in the air.

The Thomsonís Gazelle is also known as a Tommy

They can reach speeds of 45-50mph




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